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Call Us Today!
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Claims Info

If you would prefer to call our office to turn in the claim under normal business hours that is fine with us. However, most  carriers do prefer you to contact them directly in the event of a loss. It speeds up the claims process immensely.  Also, if you call our office and listen to the voice mail system. There is an option for reporting claims by carrier prompt.  For example, dial 1 for Travelers 2 for State auto etc.  Our phone system will immediately transfer you to the carriers claims reporting center and you can give them the information that way.   The most important thing is to get us involved as soon as possible In the event of an accident or a property claim.”
Claims Contact List:

Nationwide    800-282-1446

AMERICAN MODERN - 800-543-2644

AMERISAFE   800-699-6240

CNA    877-262-2727

ENCOMPASS   800-588-7400

FOREMOST   800-527-3907

GRANGE    800-445-3030

HAGERTY   800-922-4050

HARTFORD        800-553-1710

LIBERTY MUTUAL.  800-279-7221

KEMI    800-640-5364

KESA    502-894-8484

PROGRESSIVE   800-925-2886

SAFECO    800-332-3226

SECURA    800-233-2345

STATE AUTO   800-766-1853


800-252-4633 (PERSONAL)

800-832-7839 (COMMERCIAL)

ZURICH N.A.   800-987-3373

As you can see, we represent some of the largest and most reputable carriers in the nation.  The bottom line is that we will only place your insurance with a company that can provide the level of service that we require at C & F.  This boils down to fast, fair, and friendly claim service at the time of loss.  If a company cannot take care of our policyholders, then they do not deserve to be represented by our agency.